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  Frequently Asked Questions about Image Model Photo Sessions

​Q. Can we take family photos?


You can take family portraits with the family photo option.

Family photo option: 5 shots / 3,300 yen 


(5 additional shots are required in addition to the basic number of shots.)

​Q. Can I borrow a family member's wardrobe

     for a family photo? 


We apologize .

Costumes for children other than those entered in

the competition must be brought in.

​Q. Is it possible to change into clothes

     I brought in for family photos?


​Yes, it is.

​Q.   Can siblings enter?


You can take pictures.

If you and your siblings are participating in the program,

you will receive a discount of 1,100 yen each from the fee for each,

1,100 yen discount will be given to each of the siblings.


A maximum of 10 shots from the total number of shots for the siblings

The total number of shots can be allocated to the family photo session.



    15 cuts for boy A

 15 cuts for girl B


   →boy A solo 10 cuts 

 10 solo shots for girl B 

 10 cuts of two shots


The following distribution is possible

​Q.   Can I enter multiple divisions?


Yes, as long as you are of eligible age.


Example: 6 years old, kids category + school bag category


There is also a discount of 1,100 yen from each entry fee. 


You will receive 15 cuts in each division for a total of 30 cuts.

Two costume patterns are available.

​Q.   Can the sibling discount and the multiple department

     discount be combined?


Yes, you can.


Example) A: Kids' section 

           B: Kids section + school bag section


 ◆A participation fee

  Kids division: 11,000 yen

            - 1,100 yen (Sibling discount)


 ◆B-Children's participation fee

  Kids category: 11,000 yen

                                       - 1,100 yen (for siblings)

                                       - 1,100 yen (multiple divisions)


  School bag division:  11,000 yen

                           - 1,100 yen (for siblings)

                           - 1,100 yen (multiple division discount)

Q. I have a reservation for a regular shoot,

   can I enter this session?

We apologize.
In order to enter a model, you have to participate

in a model photo session.

Q. Can I apply for hair and makeup?

We  accept the kids section and school bag section as a paid option (3,000 yen + tax).

Please be sure to reserve at the time of application.

Q. Can I take two shots with my friends?

Up to 2 people are allowed; for 3 or more, please contact us.


For 2 persons, up to 10 two-shot photos can be taken as in the case of sibling entry.


 If two families wish to have a family portrait taken together,

a family portrait option will be charged for each family.

Q. Can I take two shots with my friends?


It is possible. You will be asked to indicate your participation/

non-participation on the entry sheet on the day of the event.


In past years, we have used this event as a casual photo session,

and we have had many families who did not participate and only took pictures.

Q. Can parents also wear a kimono in the half adult section?


Yes, it is possible. Kimono rental for parents will be charged separately.


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Q. Can I take pictures in the baby section wearing a kimono for the omiyazari ceremony?


Yes, I can.

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