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Image Model Photo Session 2024

mina studio will celebrate its 10th year anniversary on December 6.

Thank you very much for your continued patronage!

This is our 7th "Image Model Photo Session",

We are accepting a wide range of applicants from babies to elementary school children in 2024.

The children who are chosen as models will be featured in various media including the large billboard that decorates Sunset Alley in Jiyugaoka for one year.


We are a private studio and each party will be photographed individually. Highly recommended for a casual photo session as well!

◆Application Information 


This category is designed to capture the rapid change in babies.
We hold these sessions twice a year, summer and winter, so that babies at various times can participate.

It is also perfect for 1-year-old birthday or 6-month-old anniversary commemorations as we will communicate with the parents and pay close attention to what babies are comfortable with.

As with the other categories, the term of models will be one year.
Models chosen in the summer will stay until the next summer, and models chosen in the winter will stay until the next winter.

◎age range : 0 to 1 year and 11 months *at the time of the photo shoot



This category is open to a wide range of ages, from 2 to 12 years old. Every year, many children participate in this category for various purposes, such as birthday commemorations and growth records. 
Photo shoots with their favorite things like sports jerseys, musical instruments and stuffed animals are definitely welcomed as well!

Although it is an audition for models of our studio, it is also free to use the photo data for your own portfolio.

In terms of modeling activities, we have the widest range of activities, including many collaborations with other brands in addition to our own promotional activities.

◎age range : 2 to 12 years old

<School Bag Category>

The Randoseru (School Bags) category is one of the most popular category!
It is open to kids in the last year of preschool to second grade in elementary school.

Whether you have just received your brand new school bag or you didn't get your photos taken last year, please visit us and have your school bag photos taken at Mina Studio.

You will receive a discount for each participation fee if you apply to the Kids Section at the same time.

◎age range : the last year in preschool to second grade in elementary school

The Half Coming-of-Age Ceremony>

The Half Coming-of-Age Ceremony section is the only Japanese style photo shoot held in winter, and is open to those between the ages of 8 and 12.

Compared to Shichi-Go-San, the Half Coming-of-Age Ceremony is still less familiar. However it is a great opportunity to experience Japanese style photo shoot and therefore very popular.

Even if your children have worn a kimono in Shichi-Go-San, you can enjoy their change and growth of the past years.

We have several types of kimono for you to choose from.

◎age range : 8 to 12 years old